For my MUM

I can only imagine what it’s like for a mother to release her child into the world without ever knowing excactly what it may face there.

Mama, you care so much but will you ever fully understand?
And is that even necessary?

I want to thank you for the glimpses I get when we talk in private, the fragments of your love are so pure.
Our relationship will never not be complicated – but it’ll stay the most secure and stable one I’ve known up to this point in my life.

To realize you aren’t Superwoman was at the same time the hardest and the most liberating thing I have learnt in my teenage years. None of us are perfect. And it’s all about the way we deal with that perception. I will keep this reminder forever, for the way I see myself and for this special bond between mother and daughter. Because of the fights I had with you (externally and internally) and by realizing we may look alike (like a lot) but we are different persons, I was able to learn forgiveness and self love and – acceptance. Also by seeing you apart from being a mother but also a woman, a person I learned the meaning of unconditional love and how to always give the most you can for others.
You taught me these things, maybe without even knowing you did.

Mum, you can be so thoughtful at times and in these times I want to be more like you. You also can put a lot of pressure on me, but that’s because I value your opinion and I want to make you proud.

As a person I felt the need of distancing myself from your standards but as your child I never want to distance myself from your love.

So I want to tell the world today how much I love my mother, for she did so much for me throughout my life. Countless things and countless words, many of which I rejected because I couldn’t grasp the importance of them and I failed to see the motive of love behind it all. But in the long run I see how much I was protected and carried by my mothers love.
Thank you mum for always pushing my lazy ass further and for caring so much even when I gave so little.

[Sorry for not being able to express my emotions in German. I will try to translate though… for my mum, because I couldn’t tell her today. And I think a lot of mothers (of others) should read this, too.]



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