The rhythm within

If I had my own rhythm,
Where would I find it?

I danced the occasional blues
But soon I needed to losen those roots
still grounding me.
Their hold was too tight.
Now I’m retrieving those treasures
I once burried below –
And it’s so painfully liberating.

A chain reaction has begun
Starting with a spark of hope
It ignites a flame
And soon my body catches fire –
I’m ready to be part of the elements

Like rain –
Come tear drops
The flow comes naturally with the tide
My breathing is steady for the first time

My feet are suddenly light –
Revelling with the ambiance
Not attached but still knowing
How to find their way back to the ground

There’s this mutual reaction
Between the air and my hips
My lips form a smile
(Like) it’s the logical consequence
I can not and needn’t control it
It comes from much deeper within.

Soaked in silence
I’m drooping my limbs.
Should I keep my eyes closed?
Should I face myself now? –

Everything’s warm,
Still smoking hot from the fire.
Now I can decide if I tolerate
To get dazzled by its glow
Or if I choose to open up to the light…

– „I think I found my rythm“,
Is all that comes to my mind
Releasing one last tear
I open my eyes

What I see then
makes me fall down on my knees:

A thousand candles blowing in the wind –
A forrest of burning torches –
A sea of light –
Until all is fire
And noone remembers the face of darkness anymore.



Usually I’m not a fan of explaining my poetry but today I’ll make an exception.

I will only use a few words:

This peom is not about dancing. Dancing is only a medium, a tool.
It’s about finding your rhythm – metaphorically speaking – finding the true meaning of life.
It’s about those questions every human being will pose at some point of his or her life.
It’s about facing your own past, living in the present and gathering hope for the future.
It’s about finding happiness and peace right where you stand.
It’s about healing and it’s about freedom.

If you read this I hope and pray you will find the strength and courage to go and look for your rhythm. Be brave and take the first step towards the essence of life.

I don’t believe in coincidence I believe in truth and that we can find it within ourselves and that it makes us free.
To cut a long story short:
I believe there’s a God who provides all of that and even more.

~ Anne

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