My silver lining

Sometimes everything floats and I’m here tied down – unable to move.
Even my eyelids are too heavy to lift.

When I realise how much I left undone guilt comes crawling.
And there’s so much it attracts:

There’s selfdoubt – ignoring every past achievement.

There’s disappointment – for I know I could do better.

There’s defiance – I don’t even know where that comes from.

And finally there’s fear.

But the moment just before HOPE leaves me – there’s a memory, my silver lining.

I remember PEACE and I instantly know it’s not lost, I just forgot to embrace it.

And there’s LOVE which is still carrying me. It’s the one thing that never left and never will.

That’s the moment I let go of my doubts because I know where love is around there’s no space left for fear to settle – love never fails.

~ Anne

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