BLUEJAY: Prologue

Out, slowly. In, slowly. Black. Cold ground. Cold wall. Stings at my fingertips, grinding into my arms. Huffs of clouds, carrying particles of my soul into the dark blue void. Where is the warmth that i once felt?

‚i abandoned it.‘

something in the distant screamed in resistance. It was like a song, reminding me of the time when everything seemed blessed. Anointed. A dry chuckle leaves my lips. ‚Before I left, before He came, before he left.‘
It was nonsense, but not to me. As I said those words, memories flashed before me and drugged me with distant joy, that I was convinced to never feel again. A knot inside of me untied and a wave of cold tingling scrunched up my face. Tears began to flow. My eyes hurt from all of the cries I had before. I was too weak to weep, and the pain hit the floor, sounding like gunshots in my ears.

He was gone.

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